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Week in Footy #3.2 – Carlton’s season over after round 2?

After two defeats in the opening two rounds of 2014, the critics are lining up to have a go at Carlton after two poor defeats and a lack of improvements in all areas from last year.

Everything from draft picks, talent development and Mick’s coaching is under the microscope.

Here at rk3 footy we are predicting that the Blues will not make finals football this year (a big call after two rounds).

All in all, it makes the Round 3 game for the Blues against Essendon the game of the round.

The Saints are showing what can happen with a new coach that the list is obviously happy to play for.


Richmond Tigers

Week in Footy #3.1 – How not to schedule the first round.

All the talk around town for the opening round of the 2014 AFL season was not the individual results, teams or even umpiring mistakes – but the fact it was stretched out over such a long period.

It has been written often how the end of the cricket season impacts the ability for the AFL to schedule games at the MCG but the opening round this year was a mistake that the AFL won’t dare to repeat again.

It might also have something to do with the small crowds seen around the grounds in the opening round.


CD Front Cover

War Poets

Pop-rock band War Poets are uncompromising social justice advocates with a refreshingly inviting approach to expressing their ideals. They infiltrate the pop-rock genre using smart hooks and compelling narratives to gracefully invite listeners to consider their social and political perspectives. “The songs we write have messages, but we like to pass these on in stories so they’re more relatable,” says Rex Haberman, the band’s primary creative force.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based group has garnered favorable comparisons to Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and the Replacements. Like the aforementioned artists, War Poets draw on Americana, pop, and rock to achieve an aesthetic that’s refined but rootsy.

In just 14 months, War Poets have managed to build a highly impressive artist profile. The video for band’s lead off single, “Close Enough,” from War Poets’ debut full length, Dulce et Decorum Est, has wracked up an astounding 250,000 views. It was a heartwarming statement on marriage equality dedicated to the memory of the historical NYC Stonewall uprisings, and the track became an anthem for many same-sex marriage supporters. The group’s follow-up video (for the single, “Will You Be There”) netted over 45,000 views. War Poets’ music is played nationally on both AAA and college radio formats. The group has the added distinction of being the #1 most played album on KSJS radio in San Jose, CA. War Poets have earned nine TV and film licenses. Last spring, War Poets played Red Gorilla Music Festival during SXSW. The group has worked with such iconic producers as Grammy winner Kevin Bowe (Etta James, Jonny Lang) and five-time Grammy winner Joe Baldridge (Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson). It’s been one heck of a year for War Poets.

The group has a unique band structure built around a core duo of Haberman as the primary singer-songwriter and guitarist, and bassist-vocalist, and contributing songwriter, Jenny Case as the musical director. The two keep an ongoing artistic dialogue with creative advisor Matt Kirkwold who also contributes songs to War Poets. Previous to War Poets, Haberman had recorded and released three albums, and Case has led her own band, and played in many cover bands. Currently, she is the executive director of She Rock She Rock Foundation.

When forming War Poets, Haberman made a socially conscious decision to build the band around a female singer-bassist. “I have a strong opinion about the status of women in music because I find it a really male-dominated world,” he reveals. When he expressed the idea of forging a female/male artistic alliance to creative advisor Matt Kirkwold (Haberman and Kirkwold have been friends and collaborators for 15 years) Kirkwold suggested Case. “We work together like we’re on a mission,” Haberman explains. “Jenny has high standards. She’s a perfectionist in the studio and really pushes the band’s performances. She’s super talented and highly professional.” The two also have complimentary voices with Chase’s angelic and schooled vocals providing a sweet counterpoint to Haberman’s plaintive and impassioned vocal stylings. Rounding out the ranks as a full-band collective is a fluid mix of some of the Midwest’s finest musicians and songwriters.

The group’s new album is boldly titled American Police State, evoking the red button topics shared within its irresistible pop-rock songs. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on the album and Haberman’s sneak-peak revelations are that the new album will discuss income inequality, Native American rights, and gun violence. “What is a gun really for? It’s for killing people,” Haberman affirms. “I realize I have strong opinions on gun violence, but we’re musicians, not politicians. We put our views out there by singing so people can think about this.” War Poets are currently readying one of their signature poignant and purposeful videos for “8:05 On A Saturday Night” which addresses gun violence directly without glorifying an atrocity.

In a very short amount of time, War Poets have made an impact as musicians and as messengers. They have been embraced by masses and respected by some of the music industry’s leading lights. “The most fulfilling moment of it all might be when we played ‘Close Enough’ during our CD release party. There were all these people I’ve never seen before so into that song,” Haberman says, pausing thoughtfully. “As a heterosexual male, making that connection that we have different orientations but I still care for you, respect you, and love you as another human being. That was a great moment.”

Source: http://cyberpr.biz


Amy Madden: Hotel Ruin and Other (Vintage) Minor Disturbances and B-Sides

Amy Madden’s “Minor Disturbances” finally as digital release.

Amy Madden’s U.K. 1989 vinyl release, ‘Minor Disturbances’ drew rave reviews from Melody Maker, Billboard and the NME. Finally the album is now available as a digital release, along with live recordings from her earliest performances, some dark poetic 8-track home demos, and a rare Jamaican radio dub-mix of one of her first compositions.

Belpid Records now releases Amy Madden’s album “Hotel Ruin and other (vintage) Minor Disturbances and B-sides” (Belpid 040). It’s an album of all-original dark, minor key 1980′s analogue-recorded pop/rock from both London and New York City.

13 all-original tracks, featuring the stellar guitar of Jon Gordon (Suzanne Vega), Jon Paris, Freddie Katz and Joe Pisciotta. Charlie Giordano (of Springsteen’s E Street Band) played accordion on the (minor) hit single, “Hotel Ruin”, which was originally released by One Big Guitar Records and distributed by Rough Trade. Long out-of-print and most of it never released before, rarely have 80′s indie rock sounded this great.

Web: www.belpid.sewww.amymaddenmusic.com


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Week in Footy #2.23 – Saints finish a poor season with a big win over the Dockers

St Kilda said goodbye in style to  retiring trio Stephen Milne, Justin Koschitze and Jason Blake with a 71 point over the Dockers.

This game didn’t provide Fremantle with the win to take into the Finals series but did give the Saints a big win to end a disappointing season and without doubt some major rebuilding is required in the off season.

St Kilda 16.16.112 defeat Fremantle Dockers 6.5.41

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Richmond Tigers

Week in Footy #2.22 – What happened to West Coast in 2013?

With a 62 point loss to the Magpies, Week in Footy cannot stop wondering what happened to West Coast in 2013. The Eagles were many peoples choice for a top eight finish. However after a 62 point defeat to the Magpies, they are fast heading to a dismay end to the season.


Collingwood 15.11.101 defeats West Coast 5.9.39

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Week in Footy #2.21 – Bulldogs beat the Crows and get a foundation to build upon in 2014

With a 17 point win over the Crows, the Bulldogs have started to slowly build a case for hope with their die hard fans that every the most optimistic would not have dared to dream about in the early rounds of the season.


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Week in Footy #2.20 – Carlton embarrassed by the Bulldogs

Result of the Week

The Bulldogs show Mick Malthouse and the Blues how to win a game. The question out of this game is centred around the Blues. Is it time to rebuild, trade or get in a new head coach. They won’t finish low enough in the ladder to get draft picks. Interesting and difficult times ahead for Carlton.

Carlton 13.11.89 Bulldogs 16.21.117


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Richmond Tigers

Week in Footy #2.19 – Port Adelaide win the battle of South Australia

Result of the Week

As we have mentioned before in WIF, we feel Port Power are the best improved team in 2013 from the last campaign. With the win against the Crows, Port also get the bragging rights in Adelaide in the 35th and last match at AAMI Stadium (football park).

Port Adelaide 17.5.107 beat Adelaide 15.13.103

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New Music for Victoria, Australia